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New Books for December 2018.

New Books to Reserve at the library

December 5, 2018

Arbor, Jack                                                                                The Pursuit

Blackstock, Terri                                                                      Catching Christmas

Brandt, Jenna                                                                       The English Proposal

Brown, Jo Ann                                                                         An Amish Reunion

Child, Lee                                                                                   Past Tense

Clancy, Tom                                                                              Line of Sight

Cross, Doris                                                                               Real Italian Food

Cussler, Clive                                                                            Shadow Tyrants

Dekker, Ted                                                                              The 49th Mystic

Freeman, Brian                                                                       Stripped

Gabhart, Ann H.                                                                      These Healing Hills

Gardner, Lisa                                                                            Gone

Gilstrap, John                                                                           Scott Free

Hooper, Kay                                                                             Blood Ties

Iles, Greg                                                                            The Devil’s Punchbowl

Isaacson, Walter                                                                     Leonardo Da Vinci

Jance, J. A.                                                                                Field of Bones

Johansen, Iris                                                                           Vendetta

King, Stephen                                                                          Elevation

Kingsbury, Karen                                                                When We Were Young

Kirkpatrick, Jane                                                                     All She Left Behind

Kluth, Andreas                                                                        Hannibal and Me

Knoll, Jessica                                                                            Luckiest Girl alive

Montalvan, Luis Carlos                                                         Tuesday’s Promise

Neill, Fiona                                                                           What The Nanny Saw

Patterson, James                                                                   Triple Homicide

Quick, Matthew                                                                      Silver Linings

Rakha, Naseem                                                                       The Crying Tree

Steel, Danielle                                                                         The Good Fight

Thor, Brad                                                                                 Spy Master

Woods, Stuart                                                                         Turbulence

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