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Grant County Library Foundation

Who are we and what is our purpose?

The Grant County Library Foundation, Inc., was founded in July of 1992 and is primarily concerned with the support and development of the Grant County Library and its services.

  • Organization - The Foundation is established as a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) corporation and consists of a board of directors made up of community Volunteers.

  • Purpose - The Foundation provides supplementary funding for the County Library through fund raising and the administration of tax deductible gifts and contributions

  • Goal - The Foundation hopes to help the Grant County Library expand it's facilities and services to meet the changing needs of the public.

Photo's of new libraries used as part of Doug Skelton's display

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Your Help is Needed!

In this age of budget cuts and curtailed services, the outlook for a small rural library can be grim.  Funded through the county general fun, the Grant County Library is on a restricted budget and must fight to keep it's doors open to the public.

The Grant County Library Foundation, Inc., was established to aid the Library by providing a conduit for private contributions.  Donors can support the Library through tax deductible contributions, memorials, bequests and other gifts.  The Foundation, a non profit organization, also works to keep the Library in the public ey by organizing fund raising events and activities, and is actively involved in projects to expand and improve the Library.

Whether you are an often or occasional user of the Library, you must realize how important the Library is to our rural communities.  Please consider becoming a friend of your Library and  by finding a way to support this valuable part of your neighborhood.

Ways to Help

Becoming a friend of your Library can be as simple as making a cash donation to the Grant County Library Foundation.  Other ways to contribute include:

  • Memorials
  • Will Bequests
  • Trusts
  • Gifts of goods or property
  • Gifts of long-term stocks or bonds
  • Gifts of life insurance policies

No matter how you decide to contribute, your gift is tax deductible and will be used to benefit your Library and ultimately your community.

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